Meg aka Aunt Sharpie (singingnymph) wrote in fresno_gamers,
Meg aka Aunt Sharpie

Adventures In GM'ing

Yes, actually, I was just thinking about that.

And I know the thingy says video games, but I'm desparate.

This is a repost of something I put in my own journal a couple weeks ago & got no response.

I've been thinking about running a game next month called Land of Og & I have a couple friends who I think are willing to host it at their place, as long as people can commit, or at least aren't flakey & know how to call if they can't make it. I think we're shooting for Friday or Saturday nights. One of them usually gets off work by 8pm on Fridays, but they've been kinda screwy w/ her schedule lately. Keep in mind, this will be my 1st time as a GM, but Land of Og is very silly & seems easy enough. I don't imagine it will even take that long to finish...unless people like it & want to keep going.
I'm also thinking about another game called BarQuest!...which also seems silly, but I wanna build my confidence as a GM first. Or maybe I can convince someone else to run it. Anyhoo, if you are in the Fresno/Clovis are & this sounds like fun to you, let me know!

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