pyroclasticmagi (pyroclasticmagi) wrote in fresno_gamers,

Gaming services

I have been looking around for gamers to play with, albeit electronic or tabletop. I have 4 years experience as a 3.5 ed. dm for dnd. I prefer 3.5 over 4.0 for many reasons, but I'd rather not go on lol. I tend to add a few twists on descriptions and what I allow pc's to do to keep things fresh and to keep my own unique style of gameplay. Also, I am an avid video gamer looking for people to play with. Not CoD or halo, because those are repetitive and lame. Something more along the lines of RPG's or platformers, or whatever seems interesting at the time. If ur curious or interested let me know and I can throw a campaign together and weave together my dm magic lol. Or whatever strikes u as entertaining. Happy gaming!
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