Fisher King (fisherking7) wrote in fresno_gamers,
Fisher King

Thought I'd say hi

Good MorningFresno,

I found this group a few months back, but forgot that I signed up. Hope everyone had a good new year.

Any how. Thought I'd send out some feelers and do a little plug.

First and foremost, I suppose, would be the LARP. For the last 7 years, I've been a member of the Darktower, a domain of the Camarilla, Whitewolf's official fanclub. We're based in Fresno, our focus fluctuates with our members, Tower, to clovis, to South Valley, but FSU is where we've always ended up. We've hosted Whitewolf LARPs including Vampire the Masquerade (now Vampire the Requiem) and other games. We only play LARP, though we're all gamers of other sorts as well. If you're interested feel free to contact me about playing. You must be 18 years or older because of some adult oriented themes.

Our website is In the past we have tried other LARP's like Legend of the 5 rings, and Faded Suns. We do have a game coming up this Saturday, either Vampire the Requiem or Mage the Awakening, not sure yet.

I was also wondering if people were playing the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game? I have just enough cards to make a deck, but have some cards coming in the mail. Was wondering if others were playing, since you know, all the stores are selling out in a matter of seconds.

And on WoW... any players? What server, what character, what side? I got a 52 Pally, named Astrius on Kargath, though I just started up my first warrior (since the Beta) on Venture Company, Jaralym, Horde. RpPvP... a change for me.
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