Sexy Ankles (sexyankles) wrote in fresno_gamers,
Sexy Ankles

Have you ever had one of those games...

...That you just can't stop playing, and there's no explanation why? I mean, it's not necesarily the best game in the world, or the worst game in the world... But for some reason, it's just neat. You can't put it down for whatever reason?

This is what Final Fantasy X is for me. I hadn't even played any of it until about a month ago. And I don't think it's the best game (it places 3rd on my Final Fantasy list)... But there's just something about it. It's different. I can't explain it.

Anyway- so I figured I'd ask another question to hopefully get the ball rolling... What's everyone's favorite game? (Or top 5 if it's really hard to decide.)

I've also debated on throwing together a gaming night maybe once a month... Like going to Blackbeards or something, and anyone that wants to go can meet up- ideas? :)
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