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Meg aka Aunt Sharpie

Adventures In GM'ing

Yes, actually, I was just thinking about that.

And I know the thingy says video games, but I'm desparate.

This is a repost of something I put in my own journal a couple weeks ago & got no response.

I've been thinking about running a game next month called Land of Og & I have a couple friends who I think are willing to host it at their place, as long as people can commit, or at least aren't flakey & know how to call if they can't make it. I think we're shooting for Friday or Saturday nights. One of them usually gets off work by 8pm on Fridays, but they've been kinda screwy w/ her schedule lately. Keep in mind, this will be my 1st time as a GM, but Land of Og is very silly & seems easy enough. I don't imagine it will even take that long to finish...unless people like it & want to keep going.
I'm also thinking about another game called BarQuest!...which also seems silly, but I wanna build my confidence as a GM first. Or maybe I can convince someone else to run it. Anyhoo, if you are in the Fresno/Clovis are & this sounds like fun to you, let me know!

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Honestly, I think pen & paper games (as well as card games, LARPs, and miniature games) should be included in this community. If 'Anime' can be a listed as an interest of this community, those other four topics should be listed as well (considering they're ACTUALLY games).

Barquest actually sounds like it would be a fun LARP. (Washes mouth out with soap for implying that a LARP could be fun).

I'd be interested if I wasn't already GMing a D&D game.
It will be, keep your pants on. lol I didn't know what interests to put in there... I'll edit it in right now- if you have any other suggestions, feel free to let me know.
No worries at all. You might want to get rid of redundancy on the interest list, so we can have more variety. (Ex: 'Final Fantasy', instead of the 8 titles listed currently).

I only had that there to see if I could snag people looking for specific game topics in Fresno- but will do.
Yup, if'n yer lookin' fer filler, we can give ya plenty. :D

Actually, the L5R LARP sounds like fun.

All larps can be fun if you just add enough alcohol.
Heh, I've only been to two. They were both Vampire LARPs, one was in town (Scott McQuiston's LARP) and the other was at KublaCon. Both were cheesy as shit, with people playing the clan stereotypes so blatently that you could identify what they were from across the room.
*Is totally uninterested in Vampire, be it TTRP or LARP*

And if you're interested, the Clovis library hosts D&D games every second and fourth saturday.

Whoops, left off "and I'm sure they wouldn't mind other types of RPs as well."
Really? Cool! Sounds like fun.